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Effective Edge

Because you can’t get back time

Best Year Yet

The Heart and Science of Producing Results®

Activating Empathy

Resources and guides available to everyone.

Conflict to Collaboration

Resolving conflict in a constructive, empathetic, and collaborative manner

Conscious Conversations

Create communications that are relevant, meaningful, and enable open and authentic interactions

Cultivating Well-Being

Building resilient teams by elevating well-being

Cycle of Performance

for Leaders

Create alignment, focus, integrity and accountability in any team effort

Habit Building

improve resiliency and enhanced means to innovate while relying on controlled, timely, and compassionate responses rather than the automatic reactivity

Inside Out Leadership

Inspire creative calm and decisive strength, leading to exceptional results.

Inspiring Through Influence

Inspiring others through WHO you are begins with the willingness to connect, listen, and serve.

Powerful Decision-Making

Find the balance between instinct, experience, and data for powerful decisions

Practical Project Management

Powerful and systematic process for clarifying,
planning, organizing, and implementing projects

Presenting with

Executive Presence

Mange your internal and externals states to express yourself authentically

Scenario Planning